North Central Coast MPLA 2010

Tagging Rules 

Abalone Harvesting

All persons taking Abalone are required to have Tags and Report Card. This includes persons less than 16 yrs of age, even though they are not required to have a Fishing License.

Take your Card with you in the water, in a watertight container, such as an Otter Box or watertight Bag.

Fill out both the Tags and the Card as soon as you exit the water.

Attach the Tag with a Zip Tie or other secure method to the Abalone.

Tags must be used in sequential order from the bottom of the Card.

Do not remove Tags from the Card until ready to attach to the Abalone. Remember, loose Tags are void, and possession of them could result in a Citation.



Kayaks and other Non Motorized Vessels will NO LONGER be required to fill out their cards at Sea. They are now allowed to return to Shore before filling out the Tags and the Cards.

You must fill out the Tags and Card as soon as you reach Shore. Do not return to your Vehicle, or any other place before filling out the Card, and Tags, and tagging your Abalone.



You must fill out the Card and Tag your Abalone as soon as you board your Vessel. You MAY NOT return to Shore, Dock, Ramp, or any other place before filling out the Card and Tagging your Abalone.

Milo Vukovich