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What's SCAN Been Doing Lately?

posted Apr 17, 2014, 8:11 PM by Chuck B
- Helped pass new legislation to close loopholes in abalone poaching laws.

- Worked with DFG to improve abalone regulations, so you don't have to fill out your punchcard on the water and can land your kayak on the beach before filling out the paperwork.

- Worked with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on the management plan for the California Coastal National Monument, to preserve public access around all of the state's exposed rocks. BLM was considering a no-fishing "reserve buffer" zone around many of these rocks, but backed down after hearing from abalone divers.

- Donated over $8,000 to DFG Enforcement Branch's Special Operations Unit for

- Helped design and testified in support of the new abalone tags. Even though these tags are not popular with divers, SCAN believes that they provide the wardens a much needed tool to deal with poachers.

- Successfully (so far) opposed the proposed commercial abalone fishery at San Miguel Island in southern California. Collected over 1000 signatures from the public, along with a support letter from U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson (D-Napa) who also happens to be a Life

- With the help of the Dolphin Dive Club in Sacramento, SCAN delivered a 30-minute presentation to the CA Fish & Game Commission in September 2009 about how the proposed "marine protected areas" (MPAs) would damage our fishery by causing so much effort shift that Fort Ross population densities would drop dramatically. We did not convince the Commission on that day, but we got our points on the record despite opposition to us speaking by President Richard Rogers, and the recent data from DFG's transect surveys are proving us right. SCAN's testimony caused a rift within the Commission and resulted in a split vote on the MLPA for the first time as a minority of Commissioners started taking another look. We expect to change the

- Participated in the "Point Arena MLPA Reality Tour" organized by seaweed harvester John Lewallen to discuss the negative impacts to our coastal economy and sustainable fisheries from poorly-designed MPAs in the north-central region.

- Helped line up support from three north coast counties (Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte) for a single MLPA proposal to avoid the interference from the Governor's hand-picked "Blue Ribbon Task Force." Demanded local representation on the BRTF and succeeded with the appointment of Humboldt County Supervisor Jimmy Smith.

- Attended MLPA Science Advisory Team meetings to question their methodology on

- Supported the fishermen's MPA alternatives in every region in the state.

- Met personally with members of the Fish & Game Commission to discuss our concerns about the MLPA process and the abalone fishery.

- Supported the pro-fishing lobbying efforts of the Recreational Fishing Alliance

- Member of the California Fisheries Coalition, a broad array of fishing associations allied to work together on the MLPA process in California.

- Joined "Fishermen Interested in Safe Hydrokinetics" (F.I.S.H.) to address our concerns about proposed "wave energy" projects on the ocean, and demand a comprehensive SCAN NEWS 2014 environmental review on the cumulative effect of such projects on the marine environment. Financially supported the FISH Committee's lawsuit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for its loose permitting process for such projects.

- Hired an attorney to provide a legal review of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents relative to the north coast MLPA process.

- Participated in the "Take a Stand" Concert (September 2009) at Albion to raise funds

- Intervening in the GreenWave ocean energy approval process with the Federal Energy

- Invited by State Senator Wesley Chesbro to testify about the abalone fishery at the Joint Legislative Fisheries Forum in Sacramento in April, 2012.

- Saved your bag limit of 3 abalone per day and 24 a year in 2012.

- Attended the Fish and Game Commission meeting in L.A. last November and saved our bag limits, seasons again in 2013. Supported prudent measures in response to the die-off at Fort

- Supported CENCAL's successful request for allowing spearfishing for striped bass in

- Attended the Fish & Game Commission's Marine Resources Committee meeting in

- Attended meetings with DFW to discuss 2014 regulations.

- 2013: sponsoring an effort to amend the Abalone Recovery and Management Plan

(ARMP) and move to a long-term management plan.

- Attended the Fish & Game Commission’s Marine Resources Committee meeting in Sacramento on March 24, 2014 to discuss the scientific peer review of the DFW’s abalone survey methodology and the long-term management plan for abalone.