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Oppose a Commercial Abalone Fishery at San Miguel Island

posted Oct 5, 2010, 7:51 AM by Chuck B   [ updated Oct 5, 2010, 7:54 AM ]

Dear Friends,


Sonoma County Abalone Network (SCAN) is pleased to inform you that because of the public outcry, that you helped us create, the proposal has been tabled – for the time being.


After the DFG spent a lot of money doing surveys of the abalone populations at San Miguel, they decided, what we already knew, that the resource cannot sustain a fishery, and needs more time to recover. We need to remain vigilant, as the Commercial interests have no intention of stopping their efforts. This episode shows how important divers can be when key decisions are made, if we can speak with one voice.


If you dive for, or care about, abalone in California, you should know that the legal fishery is under severe pressure from poachers who illegally commercialize abalone for profit. SCAN was founded to combat this problem, and has been working for 16 years to reduce this threat to the sport we enjoy.


SCAN is the ONLY organization in the state dedicated to the interests of the abalone resource and divers, we were forced to broaden the scope of our mission to protect divers rights to access a healthy sustainable fishery. Simply put, we've had to fight for the very existence of our fishery, even though the resource is extremely healthy.


It will not be possible to turn around the tide of misinformation and bad management decisions -- unless we have several thousand abalone divers ready to back up SCAN's leadership. There are nearly 40,000 abalone divers in the state and we provide $800,000 per year to DFG, for abalone management, and we still do not receive an adequate fishery analysis.


Organization is essential in effecting management decisions. Without it we simply don’t stand a chance. We have had a number of successes working with almost no support. Imagine what we could do with your support, your friends and thousands of divers who want nothing more than a sustainable and healthy abalone fishery! SCAN dues are only $20 a year and you can’t get more representation for $20, as our Board Members are all unpaid volunteers.


Click on join SCAN from the main homepage to protect the resource and promote a healthy sustainable fishery.