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Northern California 2010 Triton X Open Sept. 18

posted Aug 30, 2010, 9:23 PM by Chuck B

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A Species Meet was created to determine the most proficient freedive hunter by establishing rules in which diversity, rather than total aggregate weight of a catch, will prove who the most successful freedive hunter really is.

Date & Location

Saturday September 18, 2010

Caspar Beach RV Park & Campground
Caspar Beach
14441 Point Cabrillo Drive
Mendocino, CA 95460

Schedule of Events

6:30-7:30 am: Sign-in
Competitor sign-in at Caspar Campground parking lot. This is a mandatory requirement for all competitors. Competitors will sign a liability disclaimer and sign for an official copy of the Tournament Rules and Regulations. All competitors will be asked to show a valid CA Fishing Licence and Abalone Card.

7:30 am: Tournament Starts

1:30 pm: Tournament Ends
The weigh-in (fish) and measuring (abalone) will start immediately and will be followed by the award presentations and participation raffle. Upon return there will be food and drinks provided.

Pre-Register by 07/31
: $45
Registration 08/01-09/03, 2010: $60
Registration after September 4, 2010 and Same Day: $85
Cost includes Tournament shirt, meal and raffle prize.


  • All divers must show up at Caspar beach for the sign-in. Then you can go anywhere and check back in at Caspar Beach by 1:30pm.
  • Hunting by means of FREEDIVING. No tanks or re-breathers.
  • All modes of transportation except motor-powered vessels are allowed for this event. Kayaks are preferred.
  • Only spearguns loaded by the divers' own strength are permitted.
  • The eligible species and minimum size limits are specified below.
  • No chumming.
  • GPS use is OK.
  • Competitors must abide by all California Fish and Game rules.
  • Competitors are responsible for taking home their own catch.
  • Infractions of the above rules, DFG regulations, or un sportsmen-like conduct will result in disqualification.

Species and Sizes
Competitors may weigh in only ONE FISH FROM EACH SPECIES and/or ONE Abalone ONLY to count toward Tournament score! Five fish Maximum.

Fish and Abalone must meet or exceed Tournament measurement to count toward total Tournament score.

Species: State Size / Tournament Size

Abalone 7"/9"
Cabezon 15/15"
Rockfish (Blue, Black, Olive) 10"/14"
Vermillion 10"/14"
Halibut 22"/22"
Lingcod 24"/30"
Perch 12"/14"
Kelp Greenling 12"/14"

*Any other fish NOT mentioned above will not be accepted.

Scoring and Prizes

  • Each competitor will be allowed to weigh in one fish per specie that meets the minimum tournament size requirements listed below, as well as one abalone only. They will receive 10 points per specie plus 1 point per pound up to 20 pounds. Maximum score of 30 points per specie. Divers may weigh in up to 5 fish maximum (on the specified list above). They can also measure one abalone only (Separate prize for the abalone).
  • A prize will be given out for the biggest fish, and three (3) prizes for the 3 largest abalone by length.
  • Prizes will also be awarded for the top aggregate scores as follows: top 5 overall, top woman and top junior (under 18 years of age).
  • Competitors may win more than one of the main prizes if they are very good hunters or very lucky!
  • The Weigh master has the option to disqualify a fish /abalone deemed unsuitable for any reason.
  • Finally, every competitor that doesn't win one of the aforementioned categories is eligible for the participation raffle where most of the prizes for this event will be given out. For instance, there will be many wetsuits, spearguns, fins, etc. given out in the raffle. Competitors are limited to winning one prize each in the participation raffle.
  • Registration and Refund Policy:
  • Competitors may register at the day of the meet, but if you pre-register, you pay a lower entry fee. In the event of inclement weather on Tournament day, then all prizes will be raffled that day.
  • Competitors less than 18 years of age must have their parent or guardian co-sign their disclaimer form.
  • There will be no refunds of registration fees for any reason. You may have someone else collect your prize during the participation raffle if you are unable to attend and have already registered. You or your stand in must be present to win in the participation raffle.

Online Payment/Checkout: VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!!!

When checking out, you will be prompted to choose a shipping method. DO NOT WORRY! Please choose any as your credit card, and you will NOT be charged for shipping! If you do not choose a shipping method, you won't be able to check out. It's a flaw in the software and we are now working around it. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you're paying by PAYPAL, then you will be charged BUT, we will reverse the charges and you will be reimbursed! Thank you for your understanding.