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9/2/2010 Update

posted Sep 2, 2010, 5:42 PM by Chuck B
SCAN has been working for months to head off the Depts. plan to reduce our bag limits, next year. The Dept has finally agreed to table their plans for next year. We have brought up many issues that we have with the data and the methods used to gather it. Top people in the Dept realized that there are problems with this data, and that coupled with the fact that Van Damme numbers came in higher than expected, caused them to finally agree to table this plan, and to work with us to come up with a better plan to manage abalone.

It has taken us years to develop relationships of trust with people in the Dept and on the Commission that allows us to get our points across.

We need to remain vigilant because this will come up again next year, unless we make major changes to the Abalone Recovery and Management Plan (ARMP) which is another one of SCANs many projects to protect our sport.

Many times I am asked the same question over and over, so I will answer it here and you can answer it for others.
Quite often I am asked,” Why would the Dept. or the Commission do some particular thing, it makes no sense at all”, and they are correct most of the time. The answer is, there is no requirement for anything they do to make sense. There are only proposals and arguments for and against, that people, without your diving knowledge and first hand experience, end up making. The groups that don’t get run over in this process are the ones that are organized, and DO NOT allow themselves to be run over by bad decisions.

Milo Vukovich
President SCAN
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